The Bullet Club isn’t just one of the hottest selling t-shirts at Hot Topic. These guys are worldwide pro wrestling stars. They proved their value when invading Monday Night Raw this week and they showed up outside the Staples Center to delight the crowd waiting to get in.

Monday Night Raw might have underdelivered in some people’s eyes but the Bullet Club wanted to make sure their message was felt. They also wanted to make sure fans had a great time. What helped really bring out the fans was the fact that they promoted it on social media. They had planned to be at the Ontario, CA mall to do a surprise Hot Topic appearance but fans got way more than they bargained for.

So Cody, The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, and Hangman Page gathered outside the Staples Center and they threw themselves a little party before Raw kicked off.

Cody got on the megaphone and delivered a passionate speech as he waged war on WWE. It’s great to see how even fans that had no knowledge that they’d be seeing the Bullet Club were still very much behind them.

With his ROH World Title in tow, Cody really owned the crowd and rallied his troops with some impressive public speaking skill.

Nick Jackson also had the chance to beg Vince McMahon and company to give back his Good Brothers. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are dear friends of the Bullet Club and they would have been with them during this rally.

Unfortunately, they are under contract with WWE right now so they were hidden backstage waiting to see if WWE Creative had anything for them to do on Raw (they didn’t).

He also called out to Finn Balor as well but Balor was nowhere to be seen.

Marty Scurll took this chance to perform a stage dive off the limo like he probably always wanted to do. It was a pretty impressive display of how popular the Bullet Club is. Don’t forget this wasn’t advertised as being a Bullet Club Invasion until these guys showed up.

It looked like they had a ton of fun and we can only wonder if and when they’ll do something like this again. We also wonder if WWE is going to take action in the future to prevent this kind of unplanned rally from happening again.