seth rollins

Seth Rollins may be one of the most talented wrestlers in WWE right now, but he hasn’t had a huge amount of luck when it comes to finishers.

The Curb Stomp was definitely his most effective and won him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 31 before Vince McMahon decided to take it away from the former Shield member because he no longer liked the way it looked.

Rollins then moved on to use his mentor Triple H’s pedigree for the next few months before he was put out of action with a knee injury, but upon return, he continued to use the move but this time as part of his feud with his former friend.

The Architect finally unveiled his own finishing move this year as he put his demons with Triple H behind him and wanted to be seen differently by the WWE Universe. Rollins debuted The Rainmaker into a short arm high knee back in April and asked the WWE Universe to help him to name the new move.

It seems that Rollins has finally decided on a name since it is now being referred to as “King’s Landing” one of the fictional places in popular fantasy TV show Game of Thrones. Corey Graves stated that this was the name of the move as Rollins delivered it to Sheamus enroute to retaining his Tag Team Championship at No Mercy on Sunday night.

It is the perfect name for a man who calls himself “The Kingslayer” of course, King’s Landing is where “The Kingslayer” Jaime Lannister┬áspent a large portion of his time in the latest season of the show. WWE stars like to make things relevant and current and it seems that Rollins may have found a new way to share his love of the fantasy based show.