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The music industry was buzzing Sunday night thanks to the Grammys, but you probably wouldn’t know that because if you’re here on a site about professional wrestling I’m willing to bet you were watching Elimination Chamber instead.

One person who didn’t appear to enjoy the Grammys was none other than WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal. The former WWE Tag Team Champion took to Facebook to voice his opinion after A Tribe Called Quest’s performance and although he has since deleted the post, you can see what he had to say below.

“Once again Rappers ruin the Grammys with that stupid song with words like resist and no one can tell you what to do. Having people of color Muslim and Mexican come on stage, are you that stupid and can not see that where all the drugs are coming from the southern borders or all the Radical Islamic that promote death to America? Really well legends it’s your relative using those drugs ir getting killed by terrorists then you will get it. Insulting performance!”

Animal’s remarks did not sit well with the general public and quite a few fans took to the comments section to criticize him. He later issued an apology on Facebook, which he has also deleted, but you can see what he originally posted below.

“After reading what my post last night on the Grammys I see that I misspoken and I am embarrassed. What I wrote is not what I was trying to get across.
I should always do spellcheck on the manner in which I send my messages and I don’t for that, I am sorry , I was stupid. What I wrote by no means reflects how I actually feel, I am not a racist or a bigot or think things happen in certain parts of the country and they don’t happen anywhere else.
I am a realist I should’ve chosen my words more wisely for that I apologize. I feel horrible for hurting anyones feelings.
I have nothing against people of color, I have nothing against people of Muslim faith, I have nothing against people of Mexico, I have nothing against anybody. I was just making a statement about a song that I did not like that’s all.
I should’ve double checked my post. I should’ve checked my grammar and should have made certain aim what I was trying to say would come across that way. I made a simple mistake and regret it. I wrote it like a run on sentence.
I know it looks like I’m saying these people of certain backgrounds do certain things and I by no means feel that way, so if I offended anyone I apologize.
I should know better, you know we all at one time or another get thought in our heads that we want to put in print that when we think it sounds like what we want to say is coming out and after we read it we go omg, that’s what I did this morning.
It was a mistake I love and respect everyone I could care less if a persons origin or his or her beliefs as long as we all respect each other that’s all that matters.
Once again I apologize.
Thanks for understanding.”

Judging from his second post Animal obviously seems to regret what he said in his initial rant. However, fans still seem to be attacking him on social media, so it remains to be seen if the people he offended will eventually forgive and forget.