aj styles

In July WWE will be introducing a new pay-per-view and Brock Lesnar will be defending his Universal Championship at the event. It was originally believed that WWE would be bringing the Bad Blood pay-per-view back in July, but instead the company decided to introduce a new name which has baffled not only wrestling fans, but AJ Styles as well.

The upcoming pay-per-view is set to be called WWE Great Balls of Fire, and no, that’s not a joke. If there were an official list for most ridiculous PPV names, Great Balls of Fire would definitely be at the top, but alas, it appears that WWE is really going through with this.

When wrestling fans found out about the name most people reacted with laughter, some anger, and some confusion. When former WWE Champion AJ Styles found out about the event, and he had an interesting reaction as well.

AJ Styles recently did an interview with Inside The Ropes and he was asked about the name. Judging from his reaction it seems that he was finding out about the event for the first time, and he immediately thought of the song “Great Balls of Fire.”

“Do we really have a pay-per-view called Great Balls of Fire? Wow. Is there gonna be pianos everywhere? Is there gonna be a hardcore match with pianos? That’s all I can think of is pianos when I hear Great Balls of Fire, right?”

AJ Styles of course won’t be performing at the event because it’s a Raw exclusive pay-per-view and he’s on SmackDown Live right now, but his reaction is still priceless and you can check it out in the clip below.