titus o'neil

If you’re a WWE Network subscriber then you’ve probably seen the show “Swerved” before. It features WWE superstars both participating in, and falling victim to some pretty entertaining pranks. It’s all fun and games, until someone gets sued that is.

TMZ Sports is reporting that WWE star Titus O’Neil is being sued by a cameraman due to an incident that happened while “Swerved” was being taped in 2015.

According to the report, a cameraman named Donald Anderson has filed a lawsuit with the L.A. County Superior Court and he wants Titus to pay $1.2 million dollars. Anderson was shooting an episode of “Swerved” which featured and electric shock prank and O’Neil was shocked as part of the segment.

After Titus O’Neil was shocked, he apparently kicked a camera out of Anderson’s hand. Anderson is claiming that he was seriously injured by the kick, and he suffered major damage to his hand, fingers and wrist. He also claims that he was told to leave the premises “in fear of the possibility of further attacks by Titus.”

As of this writing Titus O’Neil has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

This isn’t the first time a little bit of fun has gotten O’Neil in trouble. Titus seems to have some pretty bad luck with WWE related pranks, as he was suspended for playfully grabbing Vince McMahon’s arm after Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech last year.