Rob Van Dam has had a legendary career inside the squared circle, and last month he cemented his legacy when he was officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Whole F’N Show managed to accomplish a lot throughout the course of his career, and at one point it seemed like he was in for a major push when he was holding the WWE Championship and the ECW Championship simultaneously.

Unfortunately for RVD he was pulled over during his title reign for speeding, and he ended up getting arrested for having illegal substances in his vehicle.

During the recent episode of WWE Icons focusing on RVD the topic of Van Dam’s arrest came up, and Vince McMahon admitted that he was “personally upset” with the situation.

“It was so disappointing, and I was personally upset over Rob’s actions because I thought he was above that. Obviously, as soon as that happens, you have to be concerned with the way the company looks, and Rob was not Champion for much longer.”

Rob Van Dam went on to say that when he talked to Vince he quickly realized that he had dropped the ball.

“When I got to the building, Vince told me, ‘Rob, tonight you’re going to be stripped of your WWE Championship. Tomorrow, you’ll be stripped of the ECW Championship,’ He also said, ‘You’re gonna be suspended for 30 days.’ I knew that I had seriously dropped the ball on some major plans for WWE and for ECW.”

H/T Sportskeeda