Ryback hasn’t wrestled in some time, but he recently posted a poll on his Twitter page asking fans where they want to see him go next, and he gave fans the option to vote for AEW, WWE/NXT, Impact/MLW/ROH/NJPW, or retirement. The former Intercontinental Champion also encouraged fans not to vote for him to retire when he posted the following:

“I can’t stress this enough PLEASE don’t vote Retire. This can cost me my future because I CARE what YOU think. This Poll is THE 1 and YOU have the power to make a difference. No promotion for @FMMNutrition on http://FeedMeMore.com just A Pure unaltered vote. Vote responsibly”

Ultimately WWE/NXT won the poll with 46.4% of the votes while the option for retirement came in second with 33.7% of the votes.

Ryback then followed up with another tweet asking fans not to create fake accounts and use the accounts to vote for him to retire.

“This is my career! STOP creating fake accounts to Vote Retire and STOP sharing this on your sh**ty message boards. Let the good people vote!!!”

It’s been a while since fans have seen Ryback in a professional wrestling ring, and at this point it’s not clear when he could return.

Where do you want to see Ryback go if he returns? Sound off in the comments below.