harley race

The wrestling world unfortunately lost a legend last week when Harley Race passed away at the age of 76. Shortly after Harley passed away Vince McMahon took to Twitter to say that he was the “King of his profession.”

According to former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdoch, before he passed away Harley Race had to take a med flight from Atlanta to St. Louis, but Medicare wouldn’t help Harley. Murdoch went on to say that one call was made to WWE and it was quickly paid in full.

Murdoch posted the following:

“I just wanted to put this out there. Harley needed to be transferred from Atlanta to St.Louis. He needed to take a Med flight because he was in rough shape. Medicare wouldn’t help him. A call was made to WWE and 10 mins later it was paid in full. Vince McMahon never blinked an eye. He wanted to make sure Harley was taken care of.

Thank you Vince, you gave me 2 more days with Harley.