Goldberg made a WWE return at Survivor Series last year partly thanks to a video game deal that went the right direction. The initial plan was for a one-off date but since WWE realized how much money Goldberg was worth they got him to sign a short-term extension. This short-term contract saw Goldberg working until WrestleMania 33 and capturing the Universal Title along the way.

In the latest issue of The Observer, it is noted that Goldberg’s current deal with WWE is still a lengthy one. Only it’s just a merchandising deal.

WWE apparently has no immediate plans for Bill Goldberg because there isn’t a risk of Golberg going anywhere else to wrestle. It is widely believed no other company could offer Goldberg the amount of money WWE is giving him either.

According to reports, Brock Lesnar was a big advocate for Goldberg backstage during their recent program. This is why Goldberg was booked so strong in practically every angle. Brock Lesnar knew he was winning the eventual blow-off match at WrestleMania so he wanted Goldberg to look as good as possible.

Goldberg had a lot of faith in the program because he trusted Lesnar and WWE’s direction for him. It only makes sense to keep him looking strong because it benefited all parties involved. After all, a Goldberg who is devastating is going to sell way more “The Devastation Continues” t-shirts.

The thought is if Goldberg were to come back for another program against someone who didn’t have the high-profile guaranteed money as Brock Lesnar, creative might be different. Brock Lesnar is a huge draw and could always apply his craft elsewhere if he decided to leave WWE. Therefore no plans are currently in motion to bring Goldberg back at this point because it just makes sense to leave things as they are with his character.