young bucks

WWE 2K18 was officially released this week, and fans seem to be enjoying the game, glitches and all. One of the most fun things to do when it comes to WWE video games is create your own characters. Fans often create their own versions of wrestlers who aren’t on the WWE roster, and The Young Bucks are a team that is frequently created by fans.

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It was recently reported that because so many people created The Young Bucks in last year’s game, 2K contacted the team to do motion capture work for WWE 2K19. A fan on Twitter recently asked The Young Bucks if the report is true, and they confirmed that they were contacted by 2K.

However, they also confirmed that they declined to work on the game.

A fan then asked if they would rather wait until they join WWE, and Nick Jackson told the fan not to hold their breath.

So, there you have it folks, if you’re going to be creating your own version of The Young Bucks in a WWE 2K game, you’re going to have to do the best you can with what you’ve got.