Sting was the face of WCW for many years, but when the company was sold to WWE, he decided to sit on the sidelines. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion later returned to the ring and wrestled for TNA before he finally decided to join WWE in 2014.

Sting vs. The Undertaker is a dream match that fans had been talking about for years and with Sting and Undertaker both working for WWE at the same time, many hoped that the dream match would finally become a reality.

But it didn’t, as Sting went on to face Triple H at his one and only WrestleMania, and The Undertaker faced off against Bray Wyatt that year.

Sting is now retired so it doesn’t seem that the match is ever going to happen, but during a recent interview with Al Arabiya, Sting noted that he did bring the match up in a conversation with Taker, but he’s not sure The Deadman had any interest.

“We’ve had a brief conversation, and I just told him, I said, man, I just always wanted to have that match. It wasn’t necessarily reciprocated so I’m not sure where he stands or if he had any interest at all, to be quite honest. But I did. I don’t mind saying.”

Even though Sting didn’t get the dream match he wanted, he still has no complaints about his WWE run.

“Oh no, I retired. I’m great with the way it happened. Did I want to get hurt? No. But WWE World Title, Seth Rollins, last match—I mean, I did just about everything you could do in wrestling. I had a dream match, it was against Taker, it never did happen. Yeah I wish I could have had that, but really I don’t have any complaints at all.”