young bucks

People are always talking about The Young Bucks, and they’ve been getting a lot of attention as of late thanks to The Bullet Club invasion which took place outside Raw a few weeks ago. Wrestling fans seemed to think the invasion was a pretty fun idea, but unfortunately for The Young Bucks, WWE officials didn’t feel the same way.

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The day after the invasion, WWE sent The Bucks a cease and desist letter telling them they could no longer use the “Too Sweet” hand gesture, and The Bucks responded by selling their own “cease and desist” t-shirt.

The Young Bucks have managed to build up a huge fanbase despite the fact that they don’t have the WWE machine behind them, and people on the WWE 2K team have taken notice.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the day after WWE sent The Bucks a cease and desist letter, the WWE 2K video game team contacted them about doing motion capture for next year’s game.

The reason why is because so many people created their own versions of The Young Bucks in last year’s game that the team felt they need to get their signature moves in the next game.

The Bucks are in high demand right now, and their momentum shows no signs of stopping. Their shirts are selling well at Hot Topic, and next summer Hot Topic will be selling Bullet Club Funko Pops.

Whether or not they’ll ever end up signing with WWE remains to be seen, but at the moment they seem to be doing just fine on their own.