CM Punk signed with UFC in December of 2014 but he has yet to fight. CM Punk is still a hot topic among MMA fans and MMA fighters despite the fact that he has yet to step into the octagon. There are quite a few people out there who don’t feel like CM Punk deserves to fight in the UFC and one of those people is UFC fighter Matt Brown. He recently spoke to The Fan Garage and he talked about why he’s criticized Punk in the past.

“I didn’t criticize him for having his surgery if it was something necessary to do. I criticized him for the fact that he’s not a fighter. He doesn’t deserve to fight in the UFC with no fights. I don’t believe he deserves to fight in the UFC based off the name he made in pro-wrestling and I think he’ll figure it out when he fights in the UFC, he’ll figure it out the hard way. Or he can listen to me and that’ll be the easy way to learn.”

Summer Rae recently did a photoshoot for Regard Magazine and she posted the following preview from the upcoming issue.