tyson kidd

Dolph Ziggler defended his Intercontinental Championship against Seth Rollins in an Iron Man match during the Extreme Rules main event, but unfortunately by the time the match came to an end people were mostly talking about the fact that the fans did Royal Rumble style countdowns every time the clock approached a new minute.

Tyson Kidd recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet about his reaction to the countdowns, and he noted that he would have appreciated it if the fans didn’t count down with the clock.

“That’s them entertaining themselves. Obviously I would prefer if they didn’t do that, but I can understand why they did that. They’re sitting there and you have a clock and they’re waiting to see towards the end. I would appreciate if they didn’t do that because if you actually take that part out of it, the match was amazing. And then that same crowd gave Seth a standing ovation at the end. So they appreciated the effort. I understand why, but I just wished it hadn’t happened.”

Kidd was also asked if there’s a chance he will ever return to the ring, and he noted that he will never say never.

“When I get asked this I always say never say never. But I’m happy with my job now, I enjoy it. I actually love it. It took a little bit and sometimes the early morning meetings to try to get my workout in are tough. I do feel fulfillment with what I’m doing now so it’s hard to say. After being temporarily paralyzed, it puts a lot of things in perspective. I always say never say never because down the road who knows, but at the moment I’m more than content doing what I’m doing.”