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WWE changing the names of their Superstars is nothing new and last year Pete Dunne was called up to SmackDown as Butch. Dunne has made the name work as a member of The Brawling Brutes, but it’s recently been reported that Triple H is planning to bring the Pete Dunne name back, and Dunne has seemingly been teasing the idea on Twitter.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter it’s being said that Triple H has an idea for the former NXT UK Champion to drop the Butch gimmick and return to the NXT brand using the Pete Dunne name and the Bruiserweight gimmick.

It was also noted that Pete Dunne’s real name is Peter England, but when it comes to the Pete Dunne name he has prior use so he would be able to use it outside of WWE. At one point WWE was against the idea of using names that could be used outside of the company, but that doesn’t seem to be the factor it once was as the company isn’t in a position where talent want to leave.

Butch has been with The Brawling Brutes for over a year now on the SmackDown brand and there’s been no indication that the group will be going their separate ways anytime soon. It’s not known exactly when Butch could become Pete Dunne again, but it was recently reported that Triple H is looking to make the change by the end of the year. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.