the undertaker

The Undertaker wrestled for the last time when he defeated AJ Styles in a cinematic match at WrestleMania 36, and since then he’s been adamant that his in-ring career is over. It doesn’t seem that the Hall of Famer has any plans to compete again, but that hasn’t stopped Drew McIntyre from trying to convince him to come out of retirement.

During a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of Daily Mail it was noted that The Undertaker has said Sheamus and Drew McIntyre have bugged him the most about coming out of retirement. McIntyre responded by saying that he badgers Taker whenever he gets the chance while indicating that he thinks The Undertaker could wrestle another cinematic match.

“It’s nice that The Undertaker said that because I have harassed him for many, many years, especially when I was younger and he was put in charge of me as my mentor and I’d harass him with questions.”

“As the years passed and I went away from the company, came back, grew up a lot, we started to talk on the same level and we’re friends now. I can send him a text or we’ll see each other at community events like the Special Olympics and we get the chance to hang out with our wives and and talk.”

“If I get the opportunity, whenever I can find it, I badger him and go, “How’s that body feeling? Come on mate, you can do it, we’ll do one of those mental cinematic matches if you want”. But I know he could do it if he wanted to.”

So far it doesn’t seem like The Undertaker has any interest in coming out of retirement, but it seems that Drew McIntyre is ready of the opportunity presents itself.