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Over the last few years there have been several stars in AEW who have been working to make a name for themselves and there’s no denying that MJF has been one of the stars to watch. MJF has made it to the top of the company as he’s the current AEW World Champion. He’s also been getting some big reactions from the fans for some time now.

Tony Khan recently spoke to The Los Angeles Times about MJF’s success, and he admitted that at one point he thought about turning MJF face due to the reactions he was receiving from the fans.

“I listen to the fans. When the reactions were so massive, I had to at least think about [making MJF a good guy], but MJF is the world’s best young pro wrestler and one of the best pro wrestling heels of any age I’ve ever seen and I think his ability to antagonize the other wrestlers and the crowd is unparalleled. AEW is at its strongest when MJF is at his worst as a villain.”

During the interview Tony Khan also talked about giving wrestlers freedom with their promos when he said, “What’s great about AEW is you hear the wrestlers speaking in their own words and I’m not trying to force the words into their mouths,” Khan said. “I don’t write word for word scripts for anybody and we have the best talkers in pro wrestling.”

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