TNA Impact Wrestling Results 10/3/2013

A video package plays showcasing the Main Event Mafia taking out Aces & 8s. EGO is now getting in the head of Magnus and he wants revenge. As Aces fall apart, how long will they stay? Hulk Hogan gave AJ Styles a contractand he signs it, but Dixie Carter rips it up and asks whether Hulk will be with her or against her.

The camera shows the arena with the fans standing on their feet cheering. They are ready for tonight’s show. Music hits and here comes AJ Styles. He comes out with a leather jacket and hood on his head. Music changes as he takes the hood off. He continues down the ramp and walks in the ring. He grabs a mic. The crowd chants, “AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ.” He gets on the mic and says he appreciates Hulk Hogan coming out there and offering him acontract, but then Dixie Carter shows her true colors. He isn’t out there to talk about Hogan though or even Dixie… he is here to talk about his opponent at Bound for Glory. He knows who Bully Ray is. He knows he is champion and he is going to get the title. AJ is all in for this match. He doesn’t have a contract. He has nothing to lose. He is hungry for a title. He hasn’t looked at one for well over a year. Bully Ray says he is the most dangerous guy… well AJ differs! Just then, Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher come down the ramp as the Aces’ music plays. Ray gets in the ring with a mic.

He says that Dixie is really is in his head. Ray says AJ said he hopes to win. He “hopes”? He is doubting himself. Dixie is in his head so far. Dixie is gorgeous… not as gorgeous as Tessmacher, but he has to worry about Ray. Ray tells AJ what he did to Hogan, Anderson, Sting, Devon, and others. He would usually ask if he knows who he is… but AJ knows who he is. Ray beat AJ two years ago in a Last Man Standing match. AJ has nothing to offer. Ray wants to take something from AJ though… he wants to take him away from the crowd. He is sick and tired of them cheering his name at every arena. AJ starts to smirk as the crowd chants his name. Ray says they won’t be chanting that anymore after October 20th. AJ gets back on the mic and says he isn’t any different than Dixie Carter. He uses people for everything they have and then kick them to the curb. Ray thanks AJ as he takes that as a compliment. Dixie is a millionaire and he is one. Dixie is something and Ray is something. Ray goes on to say AJ is nothing and he should go home to his family will he will stay there forever. AJ tells Ray that he isn’t focused because he should be focused on his match tonight. Ray says he doesn’t have a match. AJ states that he hates Bully just as much as Hulk does. He then states he is going to kill Ray… Joe is going to kill him… Joe is going to kill him. AJ’s music plays and he leaves the ring. Ray starts flipping out. He has a match? Ray is furious.

We see Taz and Mike Tenay as they go through the line-up for tonight’s show.

AJ meets up with Dixie backstage. Dixie says AJ doesn’t have any obligations. The only obligation he has left is his match at Bound for Glory. She then calls security over to take AJ out of the arena. AJ says he will do it himself as he doesn’t want to breathe the same air as her. He goes through the door and she walks away with the security guards.


Austin Aries is going to be commentating with Mike Tenay and Taz during this next match.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces this next match. Kenny King comes down the ramp and makes his way to the ring. Chris Sabin comes out next and he is with Velvet Sky. He twirls her around and then walks down the ramp while holding hands. He helps her down the steps. Music hits and here comes the X-Division Champion Manik! He comes down the ramp with the title. Jeff Hardy’s music plays and he comes out on the stage. Jeff interacts with the fans on the ramp and then around the ring.

Kenny King and Chris Sabin vs. Manik and Jeff Hardy

Manik starts the match against Sabin. Sabin quickly runs to King and tags him. King goes around as well as Manik. Manik turns and goes after Chris, but he gets off the apron. King hits Manik from behind. Manik falls in the corner. Chris chokes him with his foot. King tags Chris. King holds Manik from behind and Sabin punches Manik in the gut. Chris chokes Manik on the ropes and then tags Kenny. King whips Manik in the ropes. He does a kick to the face and covers Manik. The referee is too busy with Jeff and then counts. Manik kicks out. King tags Chris in, but Manik goes after King and then sends Chris to the outside. He tags Jeff. Jeff enters and goes right after King. King is able to whip Jeff into the opposing corner, but Jeff kicks him in the face and then jumps from the corner for a splash. He covers but King kicks out. He tags Manik and Manik applies a submission hold and then changes into a roll-up. King kicks out. Manik gets him up and does an uppercut. King whips Manik in the ropes and Chris distracts him. King runs and chokes Manik on the top rope and then goes to the outside and taunts Aries. He gets back in as he is bleeding from the face now. He covers Manik but he kicks out.

He tags Chris. Chris puts Manik upside down in the corner. He runs and does a stomp in the groin area. He takes him down and covers. Manik kicks out. He tags King. King enters and does a snap suplex. He then does multiple punches in the face. King does some taunting and then gets Manik up. He punches him right in the face and Manik falls. He tags Chris. Chris punches Manik in the gut and then chokes Manik in the corner. He whips him and then runs to him, but Manik kicks him in the face. Manik does a dropkick to the back of the head and both are down. Both move to their partners. Chris tags King and King stops Manik from tagging Jeff. Manik is able to get away and tags Jeff. Jeff attacks King and Chris as he is in the ring. He flies and knocks King down and then takes Chris up and plants him on his face. He does the same to King and covers but Chris breaks the count. They double whip him in the ropes but Jeff does a double closeline. He takes his shirt off and goes for a Twist of Fate on King, but Sabin does a kick to the back. King does a northern lights suplex. Manik enters and goes after King and then knocks Chris down. King takes Manik up, but Manik slides away and lifts King up and plants him gut first on his knees. Jeff climbs the corner and hits the Swanton Bomb for the three. Winners: Jeff Hardy and Manik

Chris enters the ring and attacks Jeff and Manik from behind. Jeff rolls to the outside. He goes after Manik but Austin Aries runs in the ring and Chris leaves the ring. Aries grabs a mic. He asks if Sabin wants to be the best man that has ever lived… then he has to prove himself. Let’s have it Jeff Hardy, Aries, Manik, and Sabin at Bound for Glory. Jeff gets on the mic and says he wants to do something he has never done before… an Ultimate X Match! Chris hates the idea. The others love it.


Hulk Hogan and Sting are backstage. Sting says the last time they were in this situation is when Eric Bischoff had the power trip. No one thought anyone will be that bad, but Dixie is. Sting says he is with Hulk no matter what. Just then, a lady comes in and gives Hulk a present that was directly from Dixie. He opens the package and it is a watch… a watch that Sting got last year. Hulk says she is worse because Eric never gave him anything.

A video plays showing EGO attacking Magnus last week during the main event match. It then shows Sting going backstage last week to check on Magnus. Magnus says EGO is in his head and he is going to Hogan and wants every one of them. There’s nothing Sting can do about it. He wants them.


Christopher Daniels comes out and dances his way to the ring.

Magnus comes out and makes his way to the ring.

Magnus vs. Daniels, Kazarian, and Roode in the Gauntlet Match

Magnus goes right after Daniels in the corner. Daniels fights back, but Magnus hits Daniels in the gut and then back and he falls to the mat. Daniels gets up and Magnus whips him in the ropes. Magnus elbows him down. Daniels gets up and wants Magnus to back off. He goes for a kick, but Magnus blocks it and knocks Daniels down. Daniels goes in the corner. Magnus runs to him, but Daniels slides out as Magnus goes into the corner chest first. Daniels gets in the ring and knocks Magnus down with a closeline. He works on the head with a headlock. He gets Magnus up, but Magnus punches Daniels in the gut. Magnus goes to toss Daniels over the rope, but Daniels turns it into a head scissors on the ropes. Magnus falls back after. Daniels covers but Magnus kicks out. Daniels applies a headlock. Magnus gets up and elbows his way out. He runs in the ropes, but Daniels kicks him in the gut and goes for the Angle Wings. Magnus turns it into a back body drop. He then closelines Daniels and hits an atomic drop. Daniels turns around and elbows Magnus and runs in the ropes. Magnus runs to and is able to hit Daniels with a closeline as he turns around. Magnus goes to climb the corner, but Daniels knocks him down and plants him face first into the mat and then applies a choke hold. Magnus grabs the ropes and it releases the lock. Daniels climbs the corner for the BME, but Magnus kicks Daniels in the gut and then takes him up and plants him down. He covers.

Elimination: Daniels

Kazarian comes out next. He walks slowly down the ramp. Kazarian goes and talks to Daniels on the ramp. Magnus gets out and attacks Kazarian. He tosses Kaz in the ring and the bell sounds. Kaz crawls out of the ring.


Magnus runs after Kaz, but Kaz knocks him right down. Kazarian applies a front headlock. Magnus gets up and takes Kaz to the corner and puts him on the top. Magnus runs to him, but Kaz jumps over. He goes into the ropes and knocks Magnus down. He covers but Magnus kicks out. He puts Magnus in the corner and does punches and knife edge chops. He then does a snapmare and kicks Magnus in the back. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Kaz puts Magnus in the corner and slaps him in the face while talking smack. Magnus fights back with punch after punch. He whips Kaz into the corner, but Kaz pops up, but Magnus catches him and does a huge slam. He climbs the corner and does a flying elbow. He covers but Kaz puts his leg on the rope. Magnus and Kaz get up. Magnus lifts Kaz, but Kaz slides out and pushes Magnus in the corner. Magnus hits Kaz and climbs the corner but Kaz kicks him while he is on the top. Kaz goes for the drop down while having Magnus behind him, but Magnus slides out into a sunset flip but turns it into a Cloverleaf submission. Kaz taps.

Elimination: Kazarian

Bobby Roode comes out with his robe on. He slowly walks down the ramp. As he walks down, Kazarian comes from behind and clips Magnus. He stomps on it and then rolls out of the ring. He meets with Roode on the ramp and they tap each other on the shoulder. Roode takes his robe off and gets in the ring. He stomps on the knee multiple times.


Roode has Magnus down on the mat. Magnus is trying to crawl away. Roode puts Magnus’ leg on the bottom rope and stomps right down on it. Magnus is in pain. Roode takes him to the middle of the ring and wraps his leg around Magnus’ to work the knee. He then takes it down on the mat to tweak it. Magnus fights back with punches to the gut. He gets to his feet and punches him in the face. Roode kicks the knee and then does a huge knee to the face. He runs in the ropes and closelines Magnus down. Roode places Magnus’ leg down and stomps on it again. He puts him in the corner and does a knife edge chop. He then wraps the leg on the ropes and kicks it. Magnus gets out of the corner and Roode does a chop block. Magnus is hurting. Roode turns him over and grabs the leg. He goes for a figure four leg lock, but Magnus pushes Roode into the corner. Magnus gets up, but Roode comes back and does another knee to the face. He runs in the ropes, but Magnus picks him up and plants him down. He covers but Roode kicks out. Magnus grabs Roode’s leg and goes for the Cloverleaf submission. He locks it in. Roode reaches for the ropes. He punches the leg and Magnus falls down. Both get up. Magnus is in the corner. Roode runs to him but Magnus elbows him. Roode falls. Magnus climbs the corner. Roode climbs up but Magnus pushes him down. Magnus jumps for the flying elbow but Roode moves out of the way. Roode locks in the crossface. Magnus tries to crawl to the ropes. Roode unlocks it and then applies the Ankle Lock. Roode locks his legs around the Magnus’ leg for the final straw. Magnus taps.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Magnus looks on as he gets out of the ring and walks around it. The crowd stands and claps for him. Magnus grabs a chair and quickly smashes it into the steel steps. Just then, Sting walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Sting goes to Magnus and talks to him through the ropes. Magnus shakes his head and turns his back to Sting. Sting grabs a mic. He says he doesn’t want to do this, but Magnus is making a scene. Now he has to make this public. Let’s go in the back and talk about it. Magnus grabs a mic and says no and he had enough. Magnus gets in the ring and says Sting seen it in him, and Kurt, and Joe, but he doesn’t have it in him. Sting and Kurt took the chance, but Magnus was so close but didn’t get it. Sting goes on to do another pep talk, but Magnus doesn’t want it. It is either that you are in or you are out. Magnus says he is not getting the results. Sting says he was Magnus one time too. Sting needed that big match and Ric Flair gave it to him. Magnus says he knows that because he watched it and studied it. Magnus was one match from being in the biggest PPV of the year. Sting was put on the map… who is going to put Magnus on the map? Sting says he will… at Bound for Glory. Magnus is shocked. They shake hands and it’s official.

Austin Aries walks into Hulk Hogan’s office. He says he has a present for Hulk. He gives him some vegan vitamins. He has a big decision to make and hopes they help. He then thanks Hulk for giving him Option C. There are two Hulks and that is red and yellow and black and white. Tonight is black and white with not too much grey. He tells Hulk that he will leave now because he has a huge decision to make.

A video package plays showing Hulk Hogan’s time in TNA Wrestling. Hulk signed with TNA in 2009 and makes his debut in 2010. He took over the company from Dixie Carter, but then came around and saved the company from Eric Bischoff. He became the general manager after gaining the respect back from Dixie Carter. A new group comes around called Aces & 8s. They attack Hulk and used him and his family to gain power and gold. Hulk now faces Dixie Carter and decides whether he will stick around or not.

Chris Sabin is backstage. The camera man asks why Sabin is not going out there to help Velvet Sky during her match. Sabin says Sky is the toughest girl in the world. She can handle it. Sabin has to worry about himself. He is going to drink his diet soda, do some yoga and then meditate in the dark corner of the room for his match at Bound for Glory.


A video plays showing Magnus going through the gauntlet.

Daniels and Kaz are backstage. They start singing as Roode enters the locker room. They say he is “Off the chain”. Roode sits down and Kaz states there is no I in EGO. They beat Magnus once again and he is probably crying. They ask if they should tell him. Roode jumps up wondering what they are talking about. They say he is part of the Hall of Fame… for their Hall of Fame. He is the very first inductee. Roode can’t believe it. It will happen next week and it is a black tie event. They start singing again.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring introducing the stars for the next match. Brooke Tessmacher comes out to the Aces’ music. She gets in the ring. Velvet Sky comes out next and she walks to the ring. She appears on the apron and legs the pigeons loose!

Just then, music hits. Here comes Lei’D Tapa! She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Sky runs after her. Tapa just knocks her down. Sky gets up to her feet but Tapa just kicks her right in the face. Tapa starts stomping on her. She turns and pushes the referee down. Sky gets up but Tapa grabs her by the chin. She lifts Sky up and does a samoan drop. Tapa starts yelling and screaming. She yells to “Bow down”! Tapa’s music plays and she gets out of the ring. A video plays showing the recap of Tapa’s debut/return.


A guy is in his car. He gets out of the car and walks into a building. A woman greets him but he mocks her. He continues through the building. He takes off his coat and throws it on someone’s head. That is Ethan and he is coming.

A video plays showcasing Gunner and James Storm’s title win at Slammiversary. James Storm talks about Gunner. He says Gunner has it. He fought him before and knew he had it. Gunner is shown and he states that he knows Storm likes what he sees in him. Gunner has his own thing while Storm does. Storm is the leader type guy while Gunner is the saint at heart. He has been through war, so nothing is going to stand in his way.

Mike and Taz go through the current line-up for Bound for Glory.

A video plays about a story of humble beginnings. It shows a little kid growing up and becoming Kurt Angle… an Olympic Gold Medalist. He rose to the very top. He is a father and a leader. He crossed the line and made an impact. He is a creator. He is dreamer and chance taker. He helped TNA grow for years and years. Wrestling is his passion and his obsession. He is the real deal. The video shows Kurt’s greatest moments in the company. He will be going into the TNA Hall of Fame at Bound for Glory. He is the reason why we never stop dreaming.

Music hits and here comes Samoa Joe. Joe slowly walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Aces’ music plays and here comes Bully Ray. He has the title over his shoulder and Tessmacher at his side. She kisses him and he tells her to go to ringside. Ray gets in the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray

The bell sounds and they walk around the ring. The crowd chants, “Joe is gonna kill you.” They lock-up. Joe works on the arm of Ray and twists and turns it. Ray gets out of it and works on Joe’s and then applies a headlock. Joe whips Ray in the ropes. He goes for a shoulder tackle but neither move. Ray tells Joe to go in the ropes. Joe goes in the ropes and Ray goes for a closline but he ducks and then hits him with an elbow. Joe goes in the corner holding his face. Ray goes to him and calls him stupid. Joe pushes Ray back and he falls down. He gets up. They lock-up and Ray works on the arm, but Joe comes back with multiple punches and a headbutt to the head. Joe whips Ray into the opposing corner and then does a huge kick to the face. Joe does a snapmare and kicks Ray in the chest. Ray gets up and Joe locks in the choke hold. Ray goes into the corner and drops down. Joe goes right into the turnbuckle. Ray takes his chain out and goes to hit Joe, but Earl Hebner (referee) sees it and takes it. As he gets rid of it, Bully low blows Samoa.


Ray has Joe up on his feet. He knocks him down with a closeline and then does the taunt of Hulk Hogan’s.


Ray has Joe in the corner. Ray does a huge splash. He takes Joe out and hits a closeline. Ray slices his throat and then goes for an elbow drop, but Joe moves out of the way. Both get up. Ray punches Samoa, but he punches back. It’s back and forth. Joe gets the upperhand, but Ray knees him in the gut. He runs in the ropes but Joe hits him and then does an atomic drop and a big boot. He does a splash on the mat. Ray gets up and Ray whips Joe in the corner. Joe kicks him in the face and climbs the corner. He goes and hits Ray. Ray comes back. He whips Joe in the corner and Earl was right there. Ray goes for a big boot, but Joe ducks ad does the submission lock. Ray taps. Joe checks on Earl, but Ray gets his chain. He wraps it around his hand. Joe goes to him and attacks him from behind. He lifts Ray up to the top rope. Joe goes and checks on Earl again. He turns back and Ray jumps and hits Samoa right in the face with it. He drops it and Hebner sees it. Hebner calls for the bell.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Earl turns around, but Ray pushes him from behind. He goes to Joe and tosses him out of the ring. He smashes his head face first into the commentator’s table. Ray pulls back the floor mat revealing the concrete. Taz is up for it. Ray goes for a pileriver. Just then, AJ comes out through the crowd, jumps over the railing. He jumps on the steel steps and then hits Ray. Ray falls. AJ gets in the ring but security comes. AJ runs out of the ring and goes through the crowd. He hangs out with some as they hung him.

Hulk Hogan is backstage holding his head. His decision is next.


Dixie Carter’s music plays. She comes out with a smile on her face while the crowd boos. Dixie grabs a mic. She thanks everyone. She says she knows a lot of people aren’t happy about some of the decisions she is making for months, but it’s the people who don’t know business. You are simply reacting. Hulk Hogan does know business, so let’s take care of some. Hulk Hogan’s music plays. He comes out and the crowd roars. Hogan walks down the ramp in an Impact Wrestling shirt and a black bandana. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Dixie thanks him and says she knows that his career is amazing. She is the one to take his career to another level if he wants to go there. She sees he is wearing her watch and she is “tickled” by it. She picked it up at Tiffany’s. So, is Hulk going to ride on the Dixie train or is he going to make a decision he is going to regret. Hulk first thanks her for the watch. He hasn’t received anything like that before. He always dreamed about being a powerhouse and with a woman who has the power like her. It’s amazing how far they can get. At the end of the day, it’s an amazing offer… for someone else. “I quit!” Hulk drops the mic and walks out of the ring. Dixie runs after him. She stops him on the ramp and talks to him. Hulk turns and walks away. Dixie gets down and grabs his leg as he tries to walk. Hulk tells her to let go. She does. He walks to the back. Dixie gets up and says she never wanted him. She doesn’t need him. “You’re fired!” The show fades.