Growing up one of my favorite titles was the Intercontinental championship. The IC title used to be used as a stepping stone to the main event.

It was put on people who were up and coming talents that needed a little bit more seasoning. It was always looked at as the title just under the WWE Championship.

Within the last few years the IC belt has basically been a paper weight, mostly due to lack of credibility and no real feuds centered around the strap. The IC title has a chance to have meaning again and in my eyes it could start by putting it on one of these four men because Curtis Axel just isn’t getting the job done.


 Cody Rhodes



Cody Rhodes has all the tools to be a top guy. He actually had a real good run with the IC championship and he went as far as to bring back the vintage white strap. He is a great in ring technitian and in my opinion very underrated on the mic. The big factor for me in choosing worthy superstars to hold this title is their upside. Cody has it in spades. He has a tremendous amount of momentum right now as he is feuding with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. After this ends what better way to keep it going than putting the IC championship on him.


  Big E Langston



A straight up power house. He could hold the IC title for 5 PPVs and you would believe that nobody could take the strap from him. Instant credibility delivered to this starving championship. Both Big E and the title would have so much to gain from this partnership. Big E oozes talent and seems to be at a crossroads where the creative team has nothing creative for him right now. An Intercontinental title reign could be just what he needs to help transform him into a credible main eventer in time. Until then have him put a strangle hold on the IC strap because longevity will start to garner attention. People will be just waiting to explode with cheers waiting to see someone dethrone Big E.



 Antonio Cesaro




With a face turn on the horizon what better way to get the crowd behind Cesaro than with a title victory over Curtis Axel? This man is quite possibly pound for pound the strongest man on the roster and also the most underrated. He could have a five star match against a broomstick. A lengthy IC title reign with victories over top talent could bring excitement back to the IC belt and push Cesaro in the direction that he needs to be heading. He has been getting attention from just about everywhere over his “Giant Swing” so WWE should strike while the iron is hot. After putting the strap on Cesaro they could have a lengthy run of matches with him and Jack Swagger. The IC title hasn’t been involved in a good lengthy feud in ages, this could be its opportunity.


 Heath Slater




My dark horse…before you stop reading give me a chance to explain. Nobody…and I mean NOBODY would see this coming. Your present day Brooklyn Brawler jobber pulling an upset in a title match would draw eyes over to the Intercontinental championship very quickly. Remember when the Lightning Kid pulled off the upset on Razor Ramon? He went on to become the 1-2-3 Kid then X-pac…all because of his upset victory. Sometimes the element of surprise is your best form of attack. Ok…ok even I don’t believe this but…I would mark the hell out if it happened.


So those are just a few people I could see bringing the IC Championship back some life…who do you think would get the job done?