Vince McMahon, he is the mastermind behind the WWE and the man that has shaped the entire industry as we know it today. Vince McMahon’s vision took wrestling to a whole new level and it also turned his brand into a global phenomenon. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Vince McMahon is a genius in the realm of professional wrestling, but is it time for him to step down?

There’s no denying that Vince McMahon is a creative genius but it seems that his input is doing more harm than good for the product lately. People have been saying for years that Vince is out of touch and unfortunately his recent podcast with Steve Austin proved just that. Vince just doesn’t seem to know what the audience wants anymore or in some cases, he doesn’t seem to care. Vince McMahon wants you to want what he wants you to want and that’s the way he wants it.

We’ve all read the reports about how Vince McMahon often rewrites the script for Raw hours before it goes on the air and it shows. It’s no coincidence that Raw has been getting negative reviews as of late. The show lacks direction and storylines are often started then dropped for no reason. But then again it’s hard to stay on a certain course when the captain keeps changing directions.

Vince McMahon has put so much effort into turning professional wrestling into sports entertainment when all the fans really ever wanted was professional wrestling in the first place. The difference between NXT and Raw is night and day. NXT is a wrestling show and Raw is a sports entertainment show. Raw often gets negative reviews and NXT gets rave reviews. NXT seems like a next generation show where as Raw seems like it’s been stuck on the verge of a transition that it just can’t seem to make for a while now and Vince McMahon may very well be the one holding the brand back.

It’s hard to feel like Vince is in tune with what the fans want nowadays after hearing him say superstars like Cesaro just don’t connect. Cesaro was off to a great start in 2014 but the lack of direction for his character sunk his ship pretty quick. Lucky for him the fans still love his in ring work. That’s just one example of how the ball gets dropped on a superstar that’s getting over with the fans and with Vince McMahon in charge, that means the ball is getting dropped on his watch.

The point is that there are a lot of stars that could have been made by now and could be making Vince McMahon money if he just gave them a chance. Instead we only get the superstars he hand picks at the top of the card which is a shame. The more top guys he has the better off his company is going to be. It’s no secret that the company has had a problem building top stars over the past few years and although Vince is right about wrestlers having to step up and grab the ‘brass ring’ they also need guidance and opportunities to shine on their journey to the top.

We can’t say it enough that Vince McMahon is a genius and probably the smartest wrestling promoter in the world, but at some point he has to accept that he’s given all he has to give to the business.. The situation is similar to what happened with George Lucas and Star Wars. Lucas obviously created a very successful brand but even he had to accept that maybe he didn’t know what was right for his own creation. Vince doesn’t have to retire but giving someone like Triple H more control might be in both his and the company’s best interest at some point.

What do you think, is it time for Vince McMahon to step down?



  1. Yes unfortunately since 2011 it’s time for Vince to step down as pass the reigns to HHH. Vince has definitely lost touch with modern talent and he seems stuck in the 80’s by Making The Assencion look like LOD and making Adrian Neville into a mighty mouse character. He doesn’t listen anymore to what people want. The people want the likes of Bryan Ziggler, Cesaro, Wyatt, Barrett, Ambrose and Rollins at the top of the divison but Vince thinks we want Cena and Reigns and he is shoving them down are throats