We previously reported James Storm was vying for the #1 contendership for the Impact Wrestling Championship that is currently experiencing some turbulence itself due to how the Bobby Lashley and Alberto El Patron match ended. Now Storm has another chance to prove his worthiness for the Impact gold.

This is obviously a push he deserves. Few will know the deal Storm took to come back to Dixie Carter Land from his cup of coffee in NXT, but it must finally be paying off.

The old James Storm we know and love is back as The Cowboy and he means business. It might seem like deja vu, but it is very much a situation currently developing at the Impact Zone.

Storm told the crowd that the most viewed episode of Impact was when he won the title and he vowed to win the belt again.

However, Eddie Kingston and Bram (aka Charlotte Flair’s ex-husband) had something to say about the fact James Storm seemed to be ditching his DCC brethren. Needless to say, things intensified quickly.

Things got out of hand and there was some real disrespect served, however, James Storm proved why he deserved to be in the middle of that ring.

Later on in the night, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards squared off in a last man standing match. Those matches can get pretty interesting and inventive so there was a lot of interest in seeing what they would do in this rejuvenated Impact Wrestling product.

The match got very brutal as both men executed punishing manoeuvres. In the immortal words of Jim Ross, “this ain’t ballet.” They’re bringing a new breath of reality into this match as they got Eddie’s wife involved in the angle.

Davey Richards ended up defeating Eddie Edwards right in front of his wife in the concluding moments of this heartless and savage confrontation.