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While WWE was giving fans the middle finger to their fans as Goldberg snatched Kevin Owens’ Universal Title, fans of the former TNA flocked to the Impact Zone to bare witness to the third night of television tapings under this new creative regime.

During the opening segment of the night, Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews were in the ring. Mathews has been really playing off that heel announcer gimmick well and has established some legit heat due to his boisterous claims and “shoot yourself” comments toward members of the internet wrestling community. They set up a match where each man will make a team and if Josh’s team loses then he is off the commentary booth for good.

In the midst of this set-up Chris Masters, yeah that Chris Masters comes down; only he is now Chris Adonis because WWE still has a Master Lock on that old name. He says he is going to put Josh in the Master Lock after cutting a promo on him. Adonis is a face, let’s hope it works out well for him.

Alberto El Patron got his hands dirty at Sunday’s taping as he defeated John Boland. It was merely an excuse for Alberto to grab a microphone and demand to see Bobby Lashley, but the MMA fighter and Impact Wrestling Champion didn’t show up.

Bruce Prichard comes out with Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash and being able to say that just makes this writer happy. They are out to pick teams who end up brawling after exchanging words. Mathews picked Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake, and Tyrus while Borash picked Broken Matt Hardy (just kidding); Borash actually picked Alberto Papi Patron, Chris Adonis, Magnus, and Matt Morgan. Magnus and Morgan run down as surprise additions after the bad guys jump Alberto and Adonis. Quite an all-star cast and reports were it was a very enjoyable segment.

Bruce Prichard is getting a lot of screen time and is able to act in a manner of authority by being involved in a few good angles. Prichard announced James Storm was the new #1 contender for the Impact Wrestling World Championship. EC3 tried to come out and run his mouth but Bruce told him to go back to the locker room and think about what he’s done. Primarily lose to Alberto. Bruce Prichard is awesome.

Allie and Braxton Sutter competed in a mixed-tag match next against Sienna and Kevin Matthews. The latter team went over and after the match, Kongo Kong came out and jumped Braxton. Allie ended up taking a beating as well from Sienna while Laurel ran down to join the assault.

Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are continuing their feud from the last man standing match at the previous night’s taping that left both of them wrecked, primarily Edwards. After Davey won a match against DJ Z, Eddie ran through the crowd to get some of his heat back, but the two men were separated from each other. However, at least Alisha Edwards was able to jump out and take down Angelina Love.

Josh Mathew’s all-star team lost to the Borash team which was full of more surprise additions to the Impact Wrestling roster. After the match, Josh Mathews spoke into an Impact Wrestling mic for allegedly the last time as he said he was a man of his word and the fans were making his wife cry. Then he left with the help of the babyfaces as they ran him away. But there is a very high possibility fans will be seeing The Tough Enough Alumni, Josh Matthews in the Impact Zone again sooner or later.

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