impact wrestling

Tonight was the third taping in a row for this new Impact Wresting regime and the fans in attendance were more than excited to see what Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantel, Scott D’Amore, Bruce Prichard, and the rest of the crew had in store for them. Just those four names alone should be enough to crane anyone’s necks in the promotion’s direction, even if they had previously given up on the former Dixie Carter Land.

The Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles have officially been stripped from The Broken Hardys. We have no idea how they got those belts back but can only assume Matt found it in his heart to overnight them to Jarrett via “Space and Time Express.”

One interesting note is LAX has their own entrance in the Impact Zone now. They really are getting the royal treatment which should only go and show how important they are being pushed by the company.

Those assumptions about LAX’s push would prove to be correct as they walked out of the Impact Zone as the new Tag Team Champions. Those in attendance said this was a great match between three deserving teams who went all out.

EC3 came down and said he deserves to be the Impact Wrestling Champion. He made no excuses about being the justifiable #1 contender but one man came down to square off against him who tended to disagree: James Storm.

Storm said he built the company and brought up many of his memorable moments in Impact Wrestling. Storm said he wants to become the next Impact Wrestling Champion and said the new #1 contender should be decided by the fans. They really played up the audience during this segment.