shelton bejamin

Back in July WWE was promoting the return of Shelton Benjamin, and they aired a few promos confirming that there were plans for him to join the SmackDown brand.

Unfortunately for Benjamin, his return had to be put on hold, as he announced that he was set to undergo surgery to repair his rotator cuff, and Benjamin had surgery on Sept. 7. The WON reports that Benjamin is expected to return to WWE when he’s ready, which could be in about 6 months.

Shelton Benjamin is a three time WWE Intercontinental Champion, a former United States Champion and a former WWE Tag Team Champion. Benjamin joined the SmackDown brand in 2002 as part of Team Angle with Charlie Haas. Benjamin then worked as a singles competitor after he was drafted to Raw in 2004 and he wrestled in WWE until his release in 2010.

Daniel Bryan appeared on FOX 29 earlier this week to promote SmackDown and the host Quincy Harris told Daniel that he always wanted to be a wrestler. Bryan agreed to let Harris try and take him down, but Harris did not succeed and Bryan quickly restrained him. It was all in good fun.

After the two stood back up Bryan announced that he was giving the live audience tickets to SmackDown. You can check out the segment below.

Zeb Colter recently responded to a fan on Twitter saying that WWE did a horrible job booking The Real Americans. Colter told the fan that the booking of the team was a missed opportunity.