Bo Dallas

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with his latest blog where he talks about CM Punk’s future with UFC, Seth Rollins and more. You can check out the full entry here along with some highlights below.

CM Punk’s UFC pay: It never ceases ot amaze me why some fans are so disturbed at the money that @CMPunk earned at UFC 203 in Cleveland Saturday night which was a reported 500K plus what Punk wil earn for all the PPV’s that he sold for the event. The PPV number could easily push Punk’s earnings to in excess of 1M. UFC and Dana White made a brilliant strategical signing of Punk was was signed to provide a much needed buzz to the event coming on the heels of UFC 200 and the McGregor vs Diaz fight. Punk wasn’t signed to make any one forget GSP, for example, but to help market and sell PPV’s of which he did. Plus, Mickey Gall got a great rub and a unique launch to his UFC career as well so it seems that this was a win for everyone in the equation.

I’d be surprised if UFC doesn’t find something for Punk to do going forward even though a second fight in UFC would surprise me. Punk is a superb communicator and that night be something that he can migrate to in UFC.

Seth Rollins making the transition to fan favorite: I understand that it’s logical for newly ‘turned’ Seth Rollins to not change overnight but at some point Rollins has got to be a bit more of an attitudinal fan favorite rather than maintaining his established, villain TV persona. Rollins is one of the most gifted athletes in WWE without question and his work has always seemed to be that of a fan favorite to me. Rollins has some random, HBK-like tendencies which are so marketable.

Bo Dallas: I’m hopeful that WWE can work miracles with the Bo Dallas TV persona as they have done with Heath Slater. Why was the live audience obnoxiously chanting “Jobber” during this match. To let others know that they have a bit of insider knowledge? Sad for the insecure fans who felt compelled to become a bigger part of the broadcast.