When Cody Rhodes decided to part ways with WWE it was quite a shocking decision in the pro wrestling world because people didn’t really see it coming. He was Stardust at the time and although he was living it up and making the most out of being The Prince of Dark Matter it just wasn’t cutting it for Cody.

But Cody’s exit from WWE worked out pretty well for him even though he had to lose his last name. Not only is he a member of The Bullet Club, but he is also ROH Champion. Now it looks like other people who might be in a situation Cody can relate to are reaching out to The Grandson Of A Plumber for advice about what their next steps should be to possibly depart from WWE as well.

Joe Lanza mentioned during the opening moments of the Voices Of Wrestling Flagship podcast that several WWE talents are asking for advice from Cody Rhodes because they plan on leaving WWE very soon as well.

If this is true it could be any number of WWE Superstars. No specific Superstars were mentioned by Lanza but we can only imagine who might be frustrated with WWE at this point that might also have Cody’s phone number.

It was noted that a majority of the 205 Live roster is frustrated with their position in the company. The recent WWE 2k18 video game is also a source of contention as they aren’t getting a percentage of the sales but rather just a flat fee.

WWE’s recent legal action against The Young Bucks and firing of Jimmy Jacobs hasn’t been seen as “too sweet” for some people as well. Who knows if these recent actions have been enough to make people want to straight up distance themselves from the sports entertainment juggernaut?

WWE really doesn’t need any kind of mass exodus at this point. Because there’s no telling how many current Superstars might be frustrated with their current station in WWE. So as it turns out, Austin Aries and Neville very well might be just the first of many more WWE departures coming up on the horizon and people are reportedly calling Cody for advice.