seth rollins

Seth Rollins has a very busy travel schedule and he also needs to be able to stay in a prime physical condition where ever he goes. Therefore the idea of prepped meals is something that he relies on every day to get the calories he needs to maintain his status as Architect.

Rollins also knows how to travel and he makes sure to bring enough meals along with him to last the journey. But when the first-ever NXT Champion recently reached his destination he was very displeased to discover that four of his meals didn’t make the flight with him.

Apparently, someone from TSA stole Rollins’ food that he had packed for himself which is not only extremely rude but also downright foolish. The thief probably didn’t realize who he was robbing when taking those meals, but Rollins was quick to let his almost 3 million Twitter followers know about this invasion of his personal property.

“When TSA steals your Trifecta System meals. Hope it was good you cowards. Left with 13 and landed with 9” Rollins wrote in an angry tweet complete with a picture of his bag sans 4 meals he was expecting to find upon arrival.

There should be no reason to steal someone’s food out of their bag. Rollins’ meals met all of the requirements to fly the friendly skies but for some reason, one airport employee still felt the need to pilfer from the former Raw Tag Team Champion.

This obviously didn’t make for a very happy Architect and it’s easy to see why. Rollins probably not only felt violated but now he has to figure out what to eat when he runs out of food earlier than anticipated.

Hopefully, they’re able to track down the culprit. Let this go as a lesson to anyone who ever thinks about stealing another person’s things. Because you never know how the victim might go about getting their retribution.