seth rollins

WWE is without a doubt the biggest and most recognizable professional wrestling company on the planet. But with WWE’s fame comes a fair share of criticism.

Seth Rollins has been proudly waving the WWE flag on social media, and he’s also been defending the company from its toughest critics.

The former WWE Universal Champion recently spoke to TV Insider about why he’s been so outspoken and he noted that he felt the need to do something that no one else was doing.

“I have always been proud to work for the company. I just think it got to where it became cool to criticize WWE because we are so big and popular. It just sucks that this is the society we live in now where it’s much easier to point out all the things you think is bad as opposed to pointing out all the awesome stuff that is going on in the world.”

“It just felt to me nobody was standing up for WWE when we have a lot to be proud of. If taking on a leadership role is what you want to call it, it’s certainly something where I stepped forward and put my foot down…The fact I had people from different departments shoot me texts to let me know they had my back because they felt I had their back. That was cool and validating. I felt really good I was representing many people who felt the way I felt.”

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