Lacey Evans has been featured as one of the top stars on Monday Night Raw for months now, but this week it was the legends that stepped into the spotlight. Apparently Lacey Evans didn’t enjoy the Raw reunion show as she took a shot at the legends when she posted the following on Twitter: “Legends = Yesterday’s nasties.”

When a far responded to Lacey’s tweet by saying they hope at least one legend punches her in the face, Lacey replied by telling fans to “tag them all.”

The tweet caught the attention of WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze, and she ripped on Lacey Evans when she referred to her as “regurgitated garbage” and responded to the tweet with the following:

“You’ll be lucky to be considered a legend… 🤔 you failed in the military. you live in a portable trailer, drag your kid and husband around. Ur hubby looked at me… gave me a complement and said “honey maybe you could be more like Alundra … your yesterday regurgitated garbage”