Seth Rollins has been on a tear since he systematically deconstructed the Shield. Ever since Triple H’s “Plan B” has been implemented, you could make the argument that there isn’t a hotter heel in the businiess right now. Here’s some reason why Seth Rollins walking out of the Royal Rumble with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is really “Best For Business.”





It seems as though the WWE World Heavyweight Championship hasn’t had the same prestige as it once did. Whether it’s because of the lack of T.V. time it gets or the lack of creative storylines, the championship has become a bit of an afterthought. Having John Cena walk out with the title would make sure you see the championship on RAW but it wouldn’t create the kind of buzz that it probably needs in order to make the title relevant again. If Seth Rollins was to walk out of the Rumble with the highest honor in Sports Entertainment it will shoot a new bit of life into the strap. The feuds that Rollins could have with his former Shield brethren over the title would have a fresh “Up to Date” feel to a title that has lost its luster. Randy Orton is due back as well and a feud with Rollins over the championship seems like a better idea than Cena vs Orton 9,000.




Whether he’s tearing down the Shield, trying to paralyze Edge, crushing Dean Ambrose’s face into cinder blocks or getting help from J and J security (New aged Briscoe and Patterson) nobody garners more heat than one Seth Rollins. With Brock basically on vacation and Orton seemingly making a Face turn, there’s no body else on the roster than can hold a candle to Rollins as the top heel right now. With the backing of the Authority, he has one of the greatest Heels of all-time in his corner in Triple H. Rollins has proven to be the new “Ultimate Opopportunist Much like Edge, it seems like there are no limits as to how far Rollins would be willing to go to secure his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship.




The Architect of the Shield is the anti-Brock. He is on every show that WWE offers and he almost always is in a match. Rollins is one of the best “workers” WWE has. He can get in the ring with just about anybody and pull a great match out of them. It’s time for WWE to reward these guys. Showing a little faith in the younger talent could go a long way to restoring moral in the locker room. Vince keeps talking about these brass rings, Rollins has grabbed them all and is still climbing higher as he seems to really be firing on all cylinders. Hand Rollins a mic and it’s good. Rollins in a backstage comedy segment and it’s great. Let Rollins have 15 minutes in between the four…I mean three ropes and he always delivers. Give Rollins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship…he won’t fail.