samoa joe

Samoa Joe unfortunately had to miss out on WrestleMania season this year, but he recently returned to TV, and he returned in a big way. Joe was immediately placed into a high profile feud with Roman Reigns, and the two WWE Superstars are set to face off at Backlash on Sunday night.

In this feud Roman is supposed to be the face while Joe is supposed to be the heel, but Joe is the one who has been receiving a positive reaction from the fans. Joe recently spoke to Yahoo Sports about the feud, and he talked a little bit about why he thinks fans are cheering him instead of Roman.

“I don’t think it’s anything I didn’t expect. I’m not out there lying to anybody. I’m out there telling the truth. You may not like the way I deliver the truth, you may take umbrage with the way I handle most of my conflicts, but that’s the way I do business. If we’re in a fight, we’re in a fight all of the time. It doesn’t stop just because the cameras are off. I’m going to come at you however I can. Roman knows how I play this game and its nothing he or the fans shouldn’t expect. It shocks me that people are still shocked that I behave this way.”

Even though Joe and Reigns are feuding at the moment, they won’t be crossing paths for a while after their match at Backlash, because Samoa Joe was sent to SmackDown Live in the Superstar Shake-Up.

The move opens up a lot of possibilities in regards to new feuds for Joe, and he already has his eyes set on some big names.

“You look up and down that roster and it’s a laundry list of a lot big-time matchups and a lot of first-time matchups. It starts with A.J. Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. Then it’s Randy Orton, it’s Rusev. I’ll fight both of The Bludgeon Brothers at the same time. You look at that locker room and you’d be hard pressed to find a match you wouldn’t want to see me in.”

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