With so many stars on the WWE main roster, and in NXT, injuries are unfortunately far too common thanks to the high risk involved with professional wrestling.

F4Wonline.com is reporting that NXT star Tino Sabbatelli suffered a torn pec during his match with Velveteen Dream last Saturday in Largo, FL, and Sabbatelli recently underwent surgery.

The pec reportedly tore after Tino took a dropkick, and he’s expected to be out of action for six to nine months.

Former Impact World Champion Eddie Edwards has been wrapped up in a heated feud with Sami Callihan, and the feud has gotten a lot of attention thanks to a spot involving a baseball bat that went awry.

Edwards recently opened up about the feud during an interview with Sports Illustrated and he said that this is the most personal feud he’s ever been involved in.

“This is definitely the most personal storyline I have ever been involved in, it started with me getting hit in the face with a baseball bat. It’s tough to get more intense or personal than that. It’s a chance to show a different side of me and this is just the start. I am going to push the limits.”

He also talked a little bit about what was going through his mind during the baseball bat spot, and he said that there was some concern in regards to his eye.

“Losing my eye was my immediate concern. As soon as I got hit, I put my hand over my eye, started walking up the ramp to the back and all I was thinking was that I really hoped my eye was not hanging out of my head or in my hand.”