Road Dogg is a professional wrestling veteran who has credits that greatly exceed his time in DX, although a majority of people remember him from his days where he yelled, “Suck It!”

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Brian James has come a long way, and The D-O-Double-G is now head of the writing team on Smackdown. Road Dogg recently took to Twitter to address a certain fan reaction to a Roman Reigns spot at a recent German house show.

We already addressed the fact in previous coverage that reactions for Reigns were noticeably better in Germany, but Road Dogg explains his point very well.

This is a supreme argument that was put very well. Point goes to Mr Dogg.

We previously reported that there is a sick new WWE Zombie collection coming out from Mattel. These are awesome figures and the detail is scary good.

Sasha Banks is the female representative in Series 2 of the Zombie collection. Paige received the honor of being in the first series which is kind of ironic considering the fact she’s basically been estranged from WWE during her injury while she hangs out with Papi. Except for the fact WWE is producing a movie about her family, sadly Paige might as well be a zombie at this point.

Sasha recently posted a picture of her gnarly new WWE Zombie figure and it got plenty of attention on social media, most notably from Heath Slater who is super jelly he doesn’t have one of himself.

We agree with Heath. Series 3 needs to feature battle packs with Heath Slater and Rhyno. Just imagine what they could do with the One Man Band and the Man Beast as zombies? Even better if they incorporated them into the next WWE Mutants line of figures.