Paige and Alberto El Patron have obviously been enjoying their time away from WWE. Paige recently sent this tweet out wishing Alberto’s oldest daughter a happy fourth birthday (she’s the taller one).

The social media activity from the couple didn’t stop at that as Alberto put up this Instagram post that is both humorous and ironic. It is humorous for the obvious reasons, but also ironic for an apparent reason as well. The irony comes from the fact that Alberto is actually the one that has been notoriously jealous and overprotective of his little British crumpet, even going as far to recently throw down with a Ninja Turtle to protect her honor.

Ever since Health Slater and Rhyno lost the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, they have been relegated to a slightly lesser position in the tag team rankings on the blue brand. There were signs of discord after their title loss as well, the two even had a very uncomfortable verbal throwdown with each other on an episode of Talking Smack.

Some speculated that the two might be parting ways soon. However, Rhyno recently sent out this tweet which would indicate that the team isn’t done yet, and they are looking to re-establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with once more.




  1. Hope aDr and Paige are happy tddup.

    I like Rhyno but I’m sure tyre wWe doesn’t know what to do with him. Heath on the other hand should eventually get a singles push. I feel he deserves it and the crowd would like it too.