alberto del rio

Alberto Del Rio has been involved in a few strange incidents since parting ways with WWE earlier this year, but his latest altercation may very well be his strangest one yet.

Over the weekend Paige and Alberto Del Rio attended a IWRG show in Mexico where his brother was wrestling, and according to Luchablog, he got into a scuffle with a Ninja Turtle. Alberto spent most of his time in the owner’s box, but he eventually made his way backstage. While he was backstage he got into a fight with a wrestler known as Ninja Turtle Rafy, who is part of a stable called Los Tortugas Ninja.

It’s not known exactly what caused the fight to break out, but the story going around at the moment is that Alberto thought Rafy had touched Paige. They ended up brawling from the locker room into a hallway that was close to the entrance area, and apparently some fans in the arena were able to see the fight. It’s being said that the fight was mostly one sided in Alberto Del Rio’s favor.

The brawl didn’t seem to go Rafy’s way, and following the events there was some concern over his condition, but Rafy later took to Facebook to let fans know that he’s ok.