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Kevin Owens is the current WWE Universal Champion, and he’s also one of the top heels in the company, so it’s his job to make people mad. During the WWE live event in Lowell, MA on Saturday night, Kevin Owens approached a kid in a Roman Reigns shirt, then told the kid he should go buy his shirt instead. Owens then backtracked and told the kid that on second thought, he doesn’t want him to wear one of his shirts, ever, and he told the kid not to touch him. Check out the video below.

After Kevin Owens went full heel on the kid, the mom took to social media to say that her heart is shattered. She posted the following:

“My heart is shattered. What started off as an amazingly awesome night ended in my 7 year old being completely heartbroken. My son is a huge WWE fan and a fan of just about every wrestler on the roster. He has a drawer full of everyone’s shirts but he chose to wear a Roman Reigns shirt since he has been a fan of his ever since he started watching. All night he was getting high fives from other wrestlers and was all smiles but for some reason when Kevin Owens came out he singled out my son and commented on who’s shirt he was wearing then told him “you should get this shirt. Actually don’t get this shirt I don’t want you to ever wear my shirt. Don’t you ever try to touch me.” All because my 7 year old wanted a high five and wasn’t wearing his shirt. My heart sank. He became visibly upset, sat down and kept staring at the gate. I couldn’t help it I started crying. He loves wrestling. He has a drawer full of just about everyone’s shirts, over 100 figures, so many accessories and just loves watching and going to events. The worst part is he was going to be getting a Kevin Owens shirt and hat for Christmas but now he doesn’t want anything to do with him. Kevin Owens was actually one of my sons favorites but now he says “he’s not even on the list of who I like.” This was finally an event that my whole family was able to attend: myself, my son, my mother who has been suffering from leukemia, and my father and we were all having a great time until that happened. For a show that is supposed to be family friendly Kevin Owens really crushed a huge fans spirits last night. My son is 7 not 15 or 16 where they can take someone they idolize talking to them like that but 7. We have been to many events: TLC, Smackdown, Hell in a Cell, NXT, and the draft. He doesn’t want to go anymore. He had previously asked me if the wrestlers who appear mean would ever do or say something to a kid and I said absolutely not they know better. Kevin Owens made me a liar and just showed everyone last night how much of a jerk he really is. To top all of this off after Kevin Owens lost to Roman Reigns and he was walking away from the ring my son was just standing there on his seat watching and Kevin Owens jumped towards him and yelled at him “I am your father” which made no sense but with the sudden movement and loudness made all of us jump and my son almost fell of his seat. My son is crushed and whenever he talks about it he tears up. I can’t believe a wrestler would actually treat a 7 year old fan this way. Shame on you Kevin Owens and WWE.”

Kevin Owens reacted to the backlash on Twitter with the following:


  1. Wow, lady… Owens is just doing his job. Instead of shaming him and WWE, why not be a Mom and explain to your kid that it’s all just part of the show.

    • Like that time he had a 7 year old try to dribble a basketball 3 times in a row for $100 and hit it out of his hands after 2 bounces. Sounds about the same.

      • Funny follow up to that DiBiase story. Turns out the kid went on to have a basketball scholarship out of High School and tried out to play for the LA Lakers. Unfortunately he didn’t make it and now runs a car rental place out west, where he ran into Mr DiBiase almost 20 years later.

        If you ever go to a Q&A with Mr DiBiase, ask him about it, he’ll tell you the story.

  2. You people bitching and moaning about KOs character makes me laugh he’s suppose to be an asshole it’s his gimmick and he does it better than any other heel he’s meant to be mean to fans and not give a shit if our so sensitive and your kid is next time big bad KO has a match go outside in the lobby of whatever and wait till his match is over don’t ruin it for everyone else by being over sensitive at the end of the day he’s doing his job and the mans got a family to feed rant over 🙂

  3. Some lines just ain’t meant to be crossed. If he’s paid to be an asshole or not, you don’t go messing with that young of a kid. Mom should have bitch smacked him

    • You do realize that going heel on young kids is a heels “bread and butter” so to speak. Their belief in that this is “real” helps gives these guys character. Kids are easy marks for heels to work off of. It’s just today most people, especially parents, are a bunch of overprotective pansies who take offence to anyone acting or even looking mean at their “sweet little darlings”.

  4. Come on Mom, surely you can explain why this happened to your Son. There will come a day he will tell the story to his friends and be proud it happened.

  5. God bless Kevin Owens. I call bs if thier such mega fans surely the kids seen him be a jerk before. I love when heels notice me personally

  6. He’s a wrestler and an entertainer with a current fued against Roman Reigns. Its part of the show. Not hard to explain to your son.