roman reigns

Roman Reigns has been fighting anything that’s not nailed down recently and he’s also been maintaining a vicious rivalry with Braun Strowman. We previously reported that Chris Jericho appeared at the house show in Germany and cut a promo in a neck brace and it looks like the crowd got even more awesomeness to close out the evening.

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens battled Roman Reigns in an epic No Holds Barred match at the February 22nd house show in Dusseldorf, German. The two battled for quite a while and included a couple good hardcore spots for this excited German crowd.

It’s interesting to hear the overwhelmingly positive reaction Roman Reigns is receiving overseas compared to the response he is currently getting in the United States. They brought out tables and chairs to entertain this crowd and really put on a good match for the pumped audience in Germany.

KO ended up defeating the Big Dog in the No Holds Barred match, but Roman had to get his heat back eventually.

After the match, Braun Strowman appeared and attempted to take out Reigns. The two have been doing a spear through a table spot at recent house shows so they busted it out in Dusseldorf. Braun Strowman might have still been tired from his victory over Sami Zayn earlier in the night so he didn’t put up too much of a fight.

Thanks to Master Wolf, we have footage of some highlights of the main event match.

Whether you love or hate it, that crowd was very into this match and these guys work really well together.