lilian garcia

Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia recently participated in a Reddit AMA where she answered fan questions and also talked about her podcast Making Their Way to the Ring.

During the AMA Lilian Garcia was asked about announcing botches, which do happen from time to time, and she was happy to own one of her own mistakes when asked about her favorite botch.

“Definitely mine, because I had some good ones. I think it was pretty funny when I was in Toronto, even before the show, and I said, we were in the Air Canada Center, and I said, ‘Welcome to the Air American Center.’ The crowd was like “What?” And I played it off that I was just kidding with them. The difference between being a ring announcer and a commentator is we don’t have the chance to say ‘excuse me, or I mean’ we just have to live with it.”

Lilian Garcia had a long career with WWE and it’s safe to say that she’s one of WWE’s most iconic ring announcers. Over the course of her career she had the privilege of introducing the best of the best that the professional wrestling industry has ever seen, and one fan asked her to make a shortlist of her favorite stars to announce.

“RVD was a fun one to say… The Rock was a fun one… Stone Cold Steve Austin… and then there were some that were so hard to say. Because they’re only one syllable, like Kane and Edge, which was harder to make an impact. So I started putting a growl into it, like a rocker style, which I started using in all my announcing which would give it some grit and a rocker edge.”

Last week on SmackDown, Naomi had to vacate the Women’s Championship. Lilian Garcia recently spoke with the former SmackDown Women’s Champion on the latest episode of Making Their Way to the Ring which can be viewed below.