daniel bryan

Maybe it’s due to Daniel Bryan but gardening never seemed so interesting. Ever since his retirement, he’s had a lot of time on his hands so he’s started a mean garden.

The Bella Twins’ YouTube channel recently put up a great video of Daniel Bryan as he expertly plants an herb garden. But there are plenty more where that came from.

In this latest video, he discusses the best way to grow onions and along with one of the best pest control remedies, planting methods, and announces that his biggest pest is the French Bulldog Winston.

Nikki initially owned Winston, but during the first season of Total Bellas, Nikki with the encouragement from John Cena, let Brie and Bryan take care of him. It looks like Winston is having a great time. Apparently, Winston loves eating seeds and will regularly invade the garden to eat the Danielson’s produce before it’s ready for harvest.

Their other French Bulldog Josie can be seen chasing a birdhouse. No birds were in sight. You can see where she has dug a rut in the backyard and no grass grows there.

It’s great to see Daniel doing this because he seems happy. He still shows up on Tuesday Nights, but he’s not doing what he loved to do for so long. Well, one things for sure, that we love watching him, no matter what he’s doing.

If you liked that, then The Bella Twins YouTube channel has got you covered. He’s also shown us how to plant a pomegranate tree. He’s really great at this. He needs his own HGTV or WWE Network gardening show.

He’s also taken a stab at mushrooms. Really, he has more and we’ve watched all of them. Like we said, he really needs his own gardening show. Brie Bella makes a great co-host/camerawoman with his French Bulldogs as his happy-go-lucky sidekicks.