If I were to put “The Jetsons & WWE Robo-WrestleMania” in the Jetson’s canon, I would say this takes place before “The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones” movie. Even though one was released in 1987 and WWE’s joint venture just came out on DVD. The reason I’m saying that is in this picture, Elroy Jetson was just inventing his time travel equation and when they went to Bedrock, he already had the machine. The time travel device is what they use to bring WWE superstars to the future Orbit City after all.

If you want the whole plot, we previously reported on it. This writer is merely reviewing the movie at this point. Big Show’s performance was extremely intense and every other WWE superstar kept up their kayfabe personality.

There was a very interesting scene in the beginning where we can only assume fans were doing a meet and greet in the ring with a number of WWE superstars and every one of them spoke in their character’s voice. Sheamus even appeared on the big screen as WWE Champion to smack talk the Big Show, it was all very weird.

When it comes to meshing two childhood favorites, though, this movie delivers. Big Show’s reactions to the future are really funny and it’s remarkable how quickly he adjusts. We finally find out what year the Jetsons takes place in as George Jetson says Big Show has been frozen for 100 years. So, that’s hopeful.

WWE evolved a lot in the future too. Good news, it still exists. Bad news, they’re all robots now. Reactor Rollins is the current champion too, isn’t that cute? But, when Big Show arrives to defeat the current champion he discovers the WWE stands for World Wrobot Entertainment. Humans aren’t allowed to get in the ring, only robots. However, Big Show didn’t let that stop him; it also didn’t stop him from causing a riot after he took over this gang of wrestling robots.

All in all, the plot is both ridiculous but brilliant. Especially seeing how Vince McMahon’s ancestor “McMoon” is running the ship of the new WWE (how great is that?). Big Show was a real heel in this movie, then again just as in real life give it 40 minutes and he’ll be a babyface again.

McMoon’s wrestlers are all robots with the likeness and voices of WWE Superstars (including Stardust). The humor is very engrained in this and extremely enjoyable, especially if you’re willing to cease from being offended if you’re the type who takes wrestling very seriously like us. The fact this was an official WWE product really helps in that regard.

When the Jetsons realized Big Show came from a human wrestling organization in the 21st century they discover Sheamus was Big Show’s biggest rival. Maybe they’re spoiling their creative plans there.

Once they travelled back to our time, Jane is seemingly horrified by the fact they’re standing on the Earth, makes you really think what’s going to happen to the ground in the next 100 years. The Jetsons seem to have a harder time adjusting to our time than Big Show did in theirs.

They find the WWE Superstar entrance which was pretty easy to find seeing how it had a huge sign above it which said “Superstar Entrance.” They dressed up as WWE Superstars to sneak in the entrance and it’s remarkable how Jane and Judy are able to pull off looking like Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Astro makes a pretty good Kane too.

You can tell this is fiction because when they sneak into the event, Roman Reigns and The Usos are both face and extremely over. Alicia Fooooooox also comes down to the ring without a Scottish guy. We’re not saying Michael Cole’s part is cringe-worthy, it’s just unsettling.

George Jetson is able to jump the barricade and talk to Sheamus in the middle of his match against Rollins without getting jumped by security. You can tell how long these movies take to produce not only because Stardust is in it, but also because The Usos are still in their paint, but Roman Reigns enters through the crowd. In the midst of the skirmish George Jetson is able to pin Seth Rollins clean even though he wasn’t really in the match.

George gets Vince McMahon’s ear and when he hears Astro talk he says, “would you believe if this isn’t the first time I’ve met a talking dog?” referring to the Scooby-Doo film they did. That was nifty.

Overall this film as plenty of moments with hidden WWE jokes and crowbarred-in sayings it was extremely enjoyable. A really great drinking game would be “take a shot every time Roman Reigns has a reason to say ‘Believe That.'”

One can only hope this might be a vehicle to nourish a new crop of WWE fans who will grow up knowing these superstars and bring them into the product. The Jetsons’ theme song where they inserted WWE Superstar names in the intro was really great too.

In the end, the WWE Superstars do what they do best, they win the day. The current WWE Superstars defeat the futuristic versions of themselves in robot form. Although Big Show set up an entire society where he is king of “Big Show City” they are able to topple this new regime and return to normalcy, or as normal The Jetsons could be in the first place.

This collaborative effort is a great film for all fans and a brilliant partnership between WWE and Warner Bros. Jetsons fans have been pining for a real-life movie much like the Flintstones experienced, and this might be the first step in gauging the 1960’s cartoon’s current appeal. It was certainly a winning partnership in our book.