broken matt hardy

What's your favorite instrument?

How do you feel about spot monkeys?

When you go to a concert you like to...

What's your favorite color?

In your spare time you like to...

How do you feel about lakes?

Choose your weapon

How many alter-egos do you have?

How do you feel about your haters?

You feel that the world needs more...

How do you feel about green beans?

When you see a kangaroo you...

Your opponent is on the mat, you can pin them and win the gold, or go to the top rope and hit one more big move to put them away for good. What do you do?

Do you like to work on your lawn?

Are Your Broken Matt Hardy Or Brother Nero?
Broken Matt Hardy

You are Broken Matt Hardy. The Seven Deities have bestowed magnificent powers and endless knowledge upon you. Your essence has existed for thousands of years, and your presence is orgasmic.
Brother Nero

You are Brother Nero. You are an enigma to some, but your charisma is undeniable. You are artistic and people can't help but be drawn to you despite the fact that you can't seem to overcome your spot monkey ADDICTION.

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