triple h

The bell rings, and the match begins, what do you do?

You go to run the ropes, but Stephanie McMahon is on the outside and she grabs your leg. How do you react?

You hit Triple H with a clothesline, what's your next move?

Triple H hits you with a spinebuster, you're dazed as he goes for the pin, how do you react?

The match spills to the outside of the ring as you brawl with Triple H, the referee is counting, do you...

Triple H hits a suplex, then puts you in the Figure Four Leg Lock, how are you going to proceed?

You manage to hit Triple H with a DDT, how do you follow it up?

Stephanie McMahon is distracting the referee, Triple H slides a sledgehammer in the ring, what do you do with it?

Triple H gets in position for the Pedigree, what's your next move?

The King of Kings is dazed, you've got one shot at a finisher, what's it going to be?

Could You Beat Triple H In The WrestleMania Main Event?
You won

Congratulations, you did it. Against all odds you defeated The King of Kings, Triple H at WrestleMania to become the new WWE Champion. You're now in the record books forever.
You lost

Sorry, but you just couldn't get the job done. Brush yourself off, get back to training and try again when you're ready.

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