money in the bank

Carmella was the odds-on favorite to win the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match in St Louis and she did. But she won it with the help of James Ellsworth which caused a huge amount of controversy. Daniel Bryan eventually took the MITB briefcase back from Carmella and put it up in a do-over ladder match next week on SmackDown Live.

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Therefore Carmella will have to fight Natalya, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Tamina Snuka to get her briefcase back. This match might just start out with every other woman tearing Carmella apart and not giving her a chance to get to a ladder. Ellsworth better be wary to come near the ring too.

In the recent issue of The Observer it was noted the insiders who were in the know as to what was going to happen were heavily betting that the winner of the briefcase would fail to cash it in. This either means that Carmella is going to fail in her attempt to regain her briefcase or if she does come down with it, she probably won’t successfully cash it in.

A better story could probably be told when it comes to the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank briefcase. If a babyface comes down with the win in part two of the ladder match that might be a strong indication the odds have changed. But either Carmella wasn’t going to successfully cash in her briefcase or she was simply booked to have it taken away to begin with.

For all we know it was always the plan to have the ladder match to end in such a way to cause a rematch on SmackDown Live. They do need the ratings after all.

It is reported that normal odds for a MITB briefcase holder successfully cashing in their briefcase is at 90%. Therefore odds don’t get that far to the other side unless there’s a very strong indication a triumphant cash-in won’t be happening.

Yet again, only time will tell because plans tend to change all the time. But this new report says a decision had to have been “strongly made” that Carmella wasn’t going to wind up as SmackDown Women’s Champion to begin with.