Eric Bischoff is no stranger to ruffling feathers and he wasn’t shy about speaking his mind on a recent episode of his podcast Bischoff On Wrestling. The usually conservative Bischoff shared some of his social politics which are actually quite liberal.

In his example he told a story about being in Santa Monica a number of years ago when he heard someone calling his name. When Eric looked for who was calling for him he saw Rob Van Dam standing on top of a medical marijuana clinic. Eric said he didn’t realize it was a marijuana dispensary when he walked in but during his time inside RVD pointed Eric to a doctor who prescribed him marijuana.

Bischoff said he spent some time inside with Van Dam and although he never really liked marijuana as his personal choice he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Eric said once it was legal though, marijuana lost its appeal to him and he didn’t do it again. The usually conservative Bischoff went on to further discuss his feelings about the subject.

“I’m a supporter of medical marijuana for even recreational use by the way. Even though everybody thinks I’m a big conservative and I am in some ways but in other ways I’m socially quite liberal in others” Bischoff said. “I have friends that are cops all over the place. And almost all of them will agree and some of them are more conservative than others.”

Eric Bischoff continued on the subject as he relayed the personal story from a friend of his who happens to be a police officer.

“But I have one friend here in Wyoming that’s a cop and we were talking about it a couple of years ago and he said, ‘you know the one call that cops hate getting — and there are several — but one of the ones they hate getting are domestic violence because you never know what you’re going to walk into. They’re always the scariest, riskiest calls you’ve gotta respond to.’ And he goes, ‘I’ve never been to a home where some guy was beating his wife or beating his kids or a woman was beating their kids when there is pot involved. It’s always alcohol.'”

Bischoff agreed with co-host Nick Hausman saying there is no reason why alcohol is legal and marijuana is still illegal as he continued.

“I think it’s insane, I think it’s absolutely insane [that marijuana is illegal]. I’m probably more of a libertarian to be honest, I just happen to think that — I’m way more republican than I am democrat [..] But just because someone identifies more with being a republican than they do with democrats doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with everything. And I certainly think that (US Attorney General) Jeff Session’s position on marijuana, recreational or medical is just flat out stupid.”

Bischoff went on to discuss some of the studies he found which show the benefits of CBD oils and other uses for marijuana. The conversation eventually went to big pharmaceutical companies being afraid of the benefits of medical marijuana where Eric Bischoff agreed to a degree but put a lot of the blame on the politicians for stuffing their own pockets in the process.

It was a highly entertaining subject to hear Bischoff tackle and a nice addition to the program before Eric interviewed ROH COO Joe Koff. If you’d like to hear the whole show you can click the link below.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Bischoff On Wrestling with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription

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