SmackDown Live is stacked next week. WWE really wants those ratings to improve in a big way. Let’s take a look at the awesomeness that’s been booked so far.

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First-Ever Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match Pt 2

Carmella had to give up her briefcase because her valet James Ellsworth jumped up the ladder and chartered into new territory when he took the briefcase and handed it to the Princess Of Staten Island.

Now she has to pay the price for his actions and his mouth. Ellsworth also ticked off Daniel Bryan when he called his baby daughter a vegan hippy. If this match is leading toward Daniel Bryan coming back for one more match to face James Ellsworth everything would be worth it and nothing else would matter.

But that’s not the case because Bryan is just the General Manager (for now) so he booked a do-over for the Women’s Money In The Bank Match. If Carmella won on her own this time it would make her an even more solid force in the Women’s Division. But odds are she’ll lose that briefcase which really would be a shame to Mella.

Hype Bros vs The Usos

Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley won a big mess of a match to become the #1 contenders for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Unfortunately Zack Ryder was injured during that match and Hype Bros were never able to get their title shot.

The Hype Bros are back and were looking for that title match when they approached Daniel Bryan. Instead of granting them the match the still angry Daniel Bryan booked a match against the Usos as a non-title match. If Hype Bros win, then they’ll get a title match. The Bearded Papa GOAT is tough when he’s angry.

Naomi vs Lana (Women’s Championship Match)

Naomi beat Lana clean at MITB but she’s irritated at the Ravishing Russian and wants her to feel the glow again. This is a very interesting match because it’s being booked on the same night as a Money In The Bank ladder match.

If Lana only holds that title for fifteen seconds that’s still considered a title reign. She’ll be in the history books so you can point back at her to your grandchildren and tell them stories about Lana who was much better when she was with Rusev but still won a title as a dancer.

But Lana is on her own and her second match is a championship match. It is much like her first so she seems to be doing pretty well for herself.

Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn

Mr Money In The Bank is facing his first challenger in Sami Zayn. It’s been nice how they’ve booked Corbin so far when he comes to the ring just to walk around with the briefcase during Jinder Mahal matches so we can enjoy his entrance music. It’s like having our own little Baron Corbin dance break.

This will be a great chance for these two amazing talents to showcase their abilities. Sami and Baron work well together and they should because they’ve been paired up for a minute now.

WWE obviously wants fans to watch SmackDown Live next week or they wouldn’t have put together such a big card. We’ll have to tune in on Tuesday to see what happens, but you never know how things can change in an instant when there’s a MITB briefcase in play and SmackDown Live has two of them.