vince russo

Vince Russo and Jim Cornette have been trading shots at each other now for a number of years, ever since they both parted ways with TNA.

Recently Cornette mentioned Russo on his podcast when he said that Russo wrote to WWE every week begging for his job back. He then stated that he was no match for the creative talent that Russo possesses but did challenge him to a physical battle. Cornette even offered the former WWE Creative Head $5,000 if he could beat him in said battle.

It seems Russo has had enough of his on-going ribs about his career and last night Jim Cornette posted a photo on Twitter showing that Russo had filed a restraining order against him.

Check it out below.

Russo filed the order on June 16th in Indiana after alleging that Cornette had been guilty of stalking him across several states since 1999. The order now stops Cornette coming near his family, his home and his place of employment.

These two men have been part of one of the biggest real life feuds in professional wrestling for many years, it seems highly unlikely that a piece of paper is going to stop Cornette from doing what he does best, and continue to shout his mouth off.