Paul Heyman recently did a sit down interview where he talked to Michael Cole about the streak ending, recruiting Cesaro and more. You can watch the video above and read some highlights below:

* Cole said he considers himself a protege of Heyman and asks why Heyman insulted him on RAW. Heyman mocks Cole and gives him a hug.

* Heyman says he and Brock Lesnar both knew Lesnar could end The Streak. Heyman said The Undertaker knew the same thing deep down.

* Heyman said Lesnar is a conqueror and will conquer anything put in his way.

* Heyman said he recruited Cesaro ecause he’s the next great commodity in WWE. If he chooses to put Cesaro into the title picture, he will be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. If he chooses to have Cesaro bring him the Intercontinental Title, it will happen. Heyman says Cesaro is the most capable star in WWE. Heyman says like Heyman was, Cesaro is now the next biggest thing.

* Heyman says Cesaro’s future is in his hands so the future of WWE is in Cesaro’s hands.