Zack Ryder has been in WWE for ten long years. He’s had a few peaks and plenty of valleys along the way. A couple of those peaks and valleys came at the hand of John Cena. Well, Nikki Bella is sending out her biggest congratulations to Zack for making his childhood dream come true. She said she wishes she could have been with him to celebrate his WWE anniversary in person. She said Zack Ryder tells the best stories and you can tell the two have a pretty great friendship. It’s a cool video for Nikki Bella to put out. Even though she might be taking some time away from the ring, her heart is still obviously with her WWE family.

WWE officials recently spent some time in Dubai for a tryout. We knew William Regal was on his way to Dubai, but it turns out he wasn’t the only big name to make the trip.

The tryout in Dubai was obviously a success. They brought in some pretty big names to the tryout. We previously reported about some of the biggest names that tried out. But there were a few more people to make the trip who are already with WWE.

Stephanie McMahon and Sami Zayn also traveled to Dubai for the tryout. Steph might be off WWE television because of a sick table bump at Mania. But, she’s obviously feeling well enough to make the trip around the world to see these WWE hopefuls. It also sends a great message to the international fanbase that WWE sent the Billion Dollar Princess to Dubai for the tryout.

Sami Zayn is a fantastic person to make the trip too. If anything, he can act as a translator. He’s also an incredible sparring partner and we’ll bet he’s a pretty good teacher too.

These guys worked their butts off to try and impress WWE reps, that’s for sure. Matt Bloom ran the tryouts like a well-oiled machine. Each WWE hopeful tried their best to be noticed. You can watch a few videos from the intense tryout below.