Sin Cara is the man without a face. His name literally translates to “faceless” in Spanish. But that doesn’t stop him from having plenty of different looks.

Sin Cara debuted a new look at the WWE live event in Fargo over the weekend. It’s really awesome ring gear too. The new attire looks like a tropical thunder storm at night or something like a Marvel super villain would wear to battle the Avengers. One thing is for sure it looks like it would be really sick under a black light. Maybe Sin Cara wants to feel the glow too?

If this is a sign of a repackaging for Sin Cara, then it’s perfect timing. Kalisto recently jumped over to Raw and he’s already got his first big match. It’s a dumpster match against Braun Strowman…so yeah, but at least Big E is praying for him.

SmackDown Live might just be getting a new entrance for Sin Cara, who knows? Let’s just hope they don’t nix the mysterious hidden trampoline that helps him fly into the ring. That spot is cool and they should never get rid of it. After all, without that trampoline we have no idea how he’d get in the ring. Sick new look, Sin Cara. Muy bien.

@sincarawwe_ was sporting some new gear last night at #WWEFargo. #Lucha

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William Regal is WWE’s head talent scout. So, wherever he goes he has the capability of bringing new wrestlers back with him. Needless to say, whenever Sir William Regal takes a trip overseas he has our attention.

The British wrestling legend recently tweeted that he was in Amsterdam and on his way to Dubai. So he very well might be scouting some talent over there. This is very interesting news as WWE continues to stretch their arms to give the entire planet a big bearhug from Vince McMahon.

Therefore, it very well could mean WWE is scouting for more international talent. Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. So who knows what kind of talent might be there?

But if you ask William Regal what the big news is, he might tell you it’s that he got to see an Ian McKellen and Anthony Hopkins film as his in-flight movie. Stay classy, Sir Regal.

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