WWE has quite a few talented broadcasters on their roster, but the company recently lost a very talented announcer when Mauro Ranallo left the company. Mauro has been calling the action on SmackDown for a while now, but unfortunately wrestling fans won’t be hearing his voice on WWE programming anymore.

It looks like WWE officials already have a solid replacement in mind, as Sportskeeda is reporting that the company is trying to sign former UFC announcer Mike Goldberg. This actually isn’t the first time the company has tried to sign Goldberg, as they made him an offer back in 2005.

“When I was approached by WWE, being an old Hulk Hogan guy, I was honored by that,” Goldberg said in an interview with The Score back in 2006. “…It was surprising, it was an honor, and they were very, very generous with their offer.”

It was rumored at the time that one of the reasons why Mike Goldberg didn’t sign with WWE is because Vince McMahon didn’t want him to use the name Goldberg, as Vince was still sour on Bill Goldberg after his previous run with the company. However, thanks to all the money Bill Goldberg made the company with his latest run, Vince’s feelings on the name have obviously changed.

Jim Ross recently signed a new deal with WWE, and according to the report one of the reasons he was brought back has to do with his friendship with Mike Goldberg. Triple H reportedly believes that Jim Ross may be able to help sell Goldberg on the idea of joining the company, and help him become familiar with the way Vince McMahon likes commentators to call matches.

As of right now the former UFC announcer is simply at the top of WWE’s wish-list, and company officials have not spoken with Goldberg himself, only his representatives.